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Tension fabric magicians Tukos Media use fabric to create unique visual experiences for events

If you're looking to organize a unique and memorable event, be sure to invite the guys from Tukos Media! Tukos is a company founded by three open-minded event organizers. They decided to start the company when they realised that the impressive staging and decoration they used at their own events had also caught the eye of other event organizers.

In addition to a wide range of events, Tukos Media Oy also designs an creates looks for store interiors and trade fair stalls of its customers, as well as impressive art projects. Tukos' visual looks are created using various tension fabrics, or elements made up of flexible stretch fabrics and laser-cut products. They always make the elements themselves from start to finish, and if necessary, will make the element to order to meet a customer's specific wishes. Tukos' founders are jacks of all trades; they are skilled with electrical installations and CNC machining as the are with a sewing machine.

Tukos' operations are as flexible as the fabrics used in the company's elements. The company brainstorms an image for the event, creates 3D designs, builds the necessary elements and components, and then assembles them on site, not forgetting disassembly once the event is over. In addition to being eye-catching and creating the desired atmosphere, the finished installations always conform to safety requirements for public events. For example, Tukos ensures that various fabric elements are appropriately fire-protected.

In some of its event works, Tukos uses Foxa's stretch fabrics, which are required to be durable and to stretch flexibly in every direction. Other important qualities are the right colours and ensuring that the fabric catches and reflects light and various effects as planned. Depending on the size of the event and the customer's wishes, a huge amount of fabric may be required for a single event. However, event organizers can enlist Tukos to help create an eye-catching and memorable design even on a smaller budget. Foxa's strengths meanwhile include flexible service, reliability and reasonably priced materials. Tukos can order the precise amount of fabric it requires from Foxa with a fast delivery period. These are things any event organizer will appreciate.