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Foxa's stretch fabrics add durable and washable flexibility to clothing

Stretch fabrics are rapidly increasing in popularity. Foxa is responding to demand by offering an extensive range of high-quality stretch fabrics suitable for a wide variety of applications. Foxa's own range of fabrics is supplemented by Carrington's products, such as cotton-blend EOL fabrics, which can withstand industrial washing and are particularly suitable for indoor workwear that requires fabric to stretch. Stretch fabrics supplied by Foxa are carefully tested and certified. Products are easy to order and Foxa can rapidly deliver even small quantities of stretch fabric.

Aquarius is a mechanical stretch fabric that stretches in weft direction. It is made from 100% polyester and weighs 200g/m2. Aquarius is a reliable option that has been popular among Foxa's customers for several years. It is used in the flexible parts of e.g. forestry clothing, where fabric is required to be as flexible as it is durable. Aquarius is stock supported in dark grey and high visible orange. Both are certified with EN ISO 20471 and can be was at 60 C. 

Dragon is a super-stretch fabric made from 88% polyamide and 12% elastane. It weighs 260g/m2. Flexible thread containing Cordura fibre is used in Dragon, which makes the product extremely durable. The fabric is suitable for military applications and stretches in all directions. Despite its high durability and tear-resistance, the fabric is light and comfortable to wear. The product has a contrast colour certificate when washed at 60 C. Dragon is also stock supported in black.

Cooper contains 90% polyester and 10% elastane, and weighs 250g/m2. This smooth, flexible fabric stretches in both warp and weft directions, and is used in e.g. the Finnish Defence Forces' new sports outfits, which are required to be water repellent and give some protection from wind. The fabric was designed to withstand heavy use and numerous washes. Cooper is available to order.

Jupiter is made from 91% polyamide and 9% elastane. Jupiter stretches in two directions and is soft and comfortable on the skin. It is particularly suitable for workwear that requires flexibility and mobility. Despite its softness, Jupiter is incredibly durable and has performed excellently in e.g. laundry tests. The product is stock supported in black.

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