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Tension fabric magicians Tukos Media use fabric to create unique visual experiences for events

If you're looking to organize a unique and memorable event, be sure to invite the guys from Tukos Media! Tukos is a company founded by three open-minded event organizers. They decided to start the company when they realised that the impressive staging and decoration they used at their own events had also caught the eye of other event organizers. Read more

How are fabrics tested?

Videos of various laboratory tests can be viewed on Foxa's website. We have gathered together video presentations of the Martindale abrasion resistance test, spray test, hydrostatic pressure test, colour measurement, colour fastness test, and determining tear force and tensile strength. Foxa's own textile laboratory in Forssa is one of the most state-of-the-art in Scandinavia. The laboratory's diverse range of machinery can be used to test almost all of the technical requirments set for workwear fabrics and knitted fabrics. Welcome! Read more

Foxa's stretch fabrics add durable and washable flexibility to clothing

Stretch fabrics are rapidly increasing in popularity. Foxa is responding to demand by offering an extensive range of high-quality stretch fabrics suitable for a wide variety of applications. Foxa's own range of fabrics is supplemented by Carrington's products, such as cotton-blend EOL fabrics, which can withstand industrial washing and are particularly suitable for indoor workwear that requires fabric to stretch. Stretch fabrics supplied by Foxa are carefully tested and certified. Products are easy to order and Foxa can rapidly deliver even small quantities of stretch fabric. Read more

NEW: High-quality lining fabrics from Foxa

High-quality lining fabrics for a wide range of applications are now available from Foxa. Lining fabrics are stocked ready for delivery, so they can be ordered conveniently along with other fabrics. Read more

The results of Foxa's Tervetekstiili project: a diverse range of high-quality fabrics for the health care industry

During 2018, Foxa implemented an extensive product development project which examined the textile products and fabrics used in the health care industry as well as replacement materials. The project identified development needs regarding existing materials and listened to users' wishes concerning new types of materials. Read more

A pleasing mix of cotton and polyester

Carrington Cooltex fabrics combine the best properties of cotton and polyester.
Cooltex is a 4/1 satin construction using a cotton/polyester fabric with a fiber content that is 50/50. The inside of the fabric is cotton, which makes the fabric extremely pleasant to use.  Cooltex is available in three different weight counts; Cooltex Lite 185 g/m2, Cooltex 1 is 215 g/m2 and Cooltex 3 is 275 g/m2.  Read more

Dragon and other news products from Foxa

With the coming of spring, the Foxa Cordura® line will expand with two new products: one of which is fire resistant while the other is extremely flexible. Read more

A couple dozen fabric alternatives with M05 patterns

Foxa offers several materials with M05 camouflage patterns. This popular pattern has been printed on twenty different materials. In addition to field garment fabrics, Foxa also offers strong Foxdura fabrics, coated and laminated rain/shell garment fabrics, rip-stop fabrics, sheets and camouflage mesh knits. Read more

Light, lighter, Action Light

True to its name, Action Light is a lightweight fabric for outerwear. The tough polyamide base makes for a fabric that is strong and durable compared to its weight. Action Light weighs less than one hundred grams per square metre and has a tensile strength in excess of 500 newtons Read more

Release of the M05 pattern

The protection on the Finnish Defence Forces' M05 pattern expired in September 2016. As a result, the M05 camouflage pattern and the M04 hot weather pattern can be used outside the Finnish Defence Forces. Read more