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Trialling fabric by chance

At Foxa we always try out new fabrics ourselves. It's much easier to talk about the product when you have your own experience of it. I didn't plan on wearing our new Action Ripstop, but by chance, I was given the opportunity. Read more

Visible product development - Foxa developed a high-visibility bright-green colour for VR train drivers' new work coat

In spring 2019, VR renewed its workwear for on-board personnel. The change applied to around 2200 VR employees working as train drivers, as conductors on local and long-distance trains, as service advisors, and in restaurant cars. Read more

Eco-friendlier workwear fabrics for a wide range of uses

Foxa has developed a range of eco-friendlier workwear fabrics. Development work was carried out in collaboration with customers and based around their needs. Read more

Klinikka Barrier protects against infections

Foxa has supplemented its range with the new Klinikka Barrier fabric, which can be used in protective clothing for health care personnel. Klinikka Barrier is also very suitable for use in surgical attire, as it has been tested in accordance with standard 13795-1 (Surgical clothing and drapes - Requirements and test methods - Part 1: Surgical drapes and Gowns). Read more

Change of leadership

Johanna Rämö has assumed operational responsibility for Foxa from the beginnig of February. Johanna has been on Foxa's Board of Directors for three years and served as Foxa's Development Manager for the past year. Johanna holds a Master's degree in Political Science and postgraduate studies in accounting at the Turku School of Economics. Her previous experience includes managing and running a family business. Johanna lives in Tammela, where three active dogs and her entrepreneur spouse keep her busy in her free time. Read more

Flame retardancy testing in Foxa's own laboratory

The new Cordura 500 PU FR fabric is built for heavy wear - and it is also flame retardant.
Foxa is now able to conduct its own fire resistance testing and thus control the quality of its flame retardant fabrics. A fire testing device purchased last summer for Foxa's laboratory is capable of flame spread testing, with surface and/or edge ignition, in accordance with EN ISO 6941. Read more

Ripstop structure improves the durability of shell clothing

Action Ripstop brings top-level functionality to workwear fabrics.
Foxa's brand new Action Ripstop fabric is woven with a ripstop structure that significantly increases the fabric's strength. The fabric is particularly well suited for shell clothing and jackets. The ripstop squares in Action Ripstop are 3.5 mmx 3.5 mm, which gives the fabric an appealing, rugged look. Read more

Foxa fabrics in workwear for dogs

Kardog makes hunting dog workwear ranging from caps to warming coats.
Kardog from Jämijärvi, Finland, makes workwear for hunting dogs. Kardog's dogwear collection includes a wide variety of high-visibility vests, raincoats, warming coats, and overalls. Some of their more novel products include caps and even sleeping bags where dogs can rest and warm up during breaks. Most of Kardog's clothing is made with Foxa fabrics. Read more

Workwear of the future is smart and environmentally friendly

Wise Workwear is a two-year product dvelopment project launched by Foxa in autumn 2019. The project has four subprojects: solar cell textiles, functional intelligence textiles, greener textiles and textile recycling. Wise Workwear is partially funded by Business Finland. Read more

A Second Life for Foxa's T-Quality Fabrics: Innovative product ideas of students of sustainable development

Foxa actively looks for new applications for its T-quality fabrics. Students of sustainable development at various Universities of Applied Sciences joined forces with Foxa to come up with new product ideas and business concepts in the 'Second Life of T-Quality Fabrics' project. As a corporate partner of the course, Foxa Oy provided sample fabrics for which the students brainstormed new uses in pairs and small groups. Read more