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Action Ripstop

Foxa has developed new fabric also for the Action range. It is called Action Ripstop. This fabric has been woven with ripstop composition which gives extra strength. The material has very good breaking force and tear force values. Also the abrasion resistance is over 150 000 rounds! Ripstop surface gives the material a new, interesting outlook. Action Ripstop brings so called 10 k / 10 k materials also to work wear as the water penetration is over 10000 mm (EN ISO 811)  and water vapour permeability is also over 10000 g/m2/24h. JIS L1099-2012, B1). Composition 77 PES 23 PU and weight of the fabric is 260g/m2. Action Ripstop is suitable for example for shell jackets. Stock colors are high visible orange and high visible yellow.


HV Orange

HV Yellow

Composition and weight

77 % PES
23 % PU
260 g/m2


EN ISO 20471
Oeko-tex SE10-194 RISE

Washing instructions

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