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Laboratory testing

Foxa's state-of-the-art textile laboratory enables effective quality control and product development.

Located in Forssa, Finland, the laboratory allows us to test knitted and woven workwear fabrics and woven outdoor clothing fabrics for the following and more:

  • fabric tensile strength
  • tear strength using both a tensile strength tester and the Elmendorf tear test
  • Martindale abrasion resistance
  • pilling
  • colour wash resistance
  • colour abrasion resistance
  • colour sweat resistance
  • shrinkage in wash
  • permeability to air
  • breathability
  • rainwear waterproofness, water column
  • rainwear static waterproofness
  • membrane bond strength
  • tape adhesion of waterproof fabrics
  • seam slippage
  • water-repelling ability
  • oil and dirt resistance of workwear fabrics
  • weight
  • thickness
  • colour measurement

In addition to our own testing, we also use external testing facilities, such as those of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

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Martindale test
Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method in Foxa textile laboratory.
Measuring of colour values
Measuring colour with spectrophotometer in Foxa textile laboratory.
Hydrostatic pressure test
Determination of resistance to water penetration with Hydrostatic pressure test in Foxa textile laboratory.
Spray test
Determination of resistance to surface wetting (spray test) in Foxa textile laboratory.
Tear force test & tensile test
Tear force test and tensile test being conducted in Foxa Oy textile laboratory.
Test for colour fastness
Colour fastness for washing is being tested at Foxa Oy textile laboratory.