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Dragon and other news products from Foxa

With the coming of spring, the Foxa Cordura® line will expand with two new products: one of which is fire resistant while the other is extremely flexible.

The fire resistant Cordura 500 PU FR weighs about 300 g/m2 and meets the requirements of the standards EN ISO 6941 and EN ISO 14116 Index1. The stock fabric color is black.

The super flexible Dragon stretches both directions and recovers quickly. The fabric is woven from flexible Cordura fabric. The black color is certified as meeting the EN ISO 20471 standard and 60 °C washing instructions. The fabric is strong and resists abrasion well. Our Stretch fabric line will be expanded with new additions in 2018.

Foxa offers the black warp knit Charlotte, which is suited for use as a lining and pocket fabric, as a new product. The surface of the polyester knit

is slick and has a weave that is also well suited for use as a pocket pouch. In fact, the fabric was originally developed as a pocket fabric for army camouflage garments.