Foxa Ltd – Textile Forssa represents Carrington Career and Workwear Ltd’s fabrics in Finland. Carrington is Europe’s leading workwear manufacturer. The company’s factory is located in Adlington, near Manchester, which is the cradle of the European textile industry. The production volume of the factory is 35 million meters of fabric per year.

Carrington specializes in the manufacture of workwear fabrics. In addition to standard products, the selection includes a wide range of certified specialty fabrics combining fire protection, visibility and anti-static properties, as well as soil and water repellent surfaces. In addition to workwear fabrics, a wide variety of printed fabrics based on customers’ own designs are manufactured at the factory. Also, different camouflage fabrics for the military are an important part of Carrington’s production.

As evidence of the ongoing work to reduce the environmental impact of the factory, Carrington received a major Environmental Award at the 2009 Company Clothing Industries Awards Gala. The company had made particular efforts to reduce its wastewater load and recover its process heat. The ISO 9001 quality system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system are also used in production, and the products have Oeko-Tex certificates.