AAA-logoenFoxa Oy – Textile Forssa was founded in 1990. We develop work and outdoor clothing fabrics and have them manufactured by carefully selected partners. Our sales office, laboratory and fabric storage facilities are located in town Forssa.

Forssa has played a central role in the history of the Finnish textile industry. As early as 1847, a cotton mill was built on the River Loimijoki. At its best, the textile industry in Forssa employed thousands of people. Since then, production has shifted to countries where the production of fabrics is less expensive. Finlayson-Forssa Oy ended its operations in 2008.

Foxa Oy represents a new model for the production of textiles in which the core competence is maintained in Finland, but the manufacture of fabrics has shifted elsewhere. At Foxa Oy, we are proud to continue Forssa’s over 160 year textile tradition.