oekotexEnsuring the quality of fabrics plays a key role in Foxa Oy’s operations. The main responsibility regarding the fabric quality is always with the factory that manufactures the fabrics. For this reason, we only collaborate with carefully selected and reliable companies. We regularly visit our partners’ factories to inspect their operations. On the visits, we make sure that the factories comply with Foxa’s Quality Manual in the manufacturing of the fabrics. Our controlling partners in Asia ensure, for their part, the implementation of quality assurance.

For each manufacturing lot, we inspect the test reports of the factory and compare the results with our own laboratory test results. In addition, we conduct random tests on the fabrics arriving at our warehouse.

To secure the safety of our products, we require all of our partners to comply with the REACH Regulations. The vast majority of fabrics sold by Foxa are also Oeko-Tex certified.